Reading have always been an integral part of my life. My taste in books have always geared toward the Young Adults genre but in recent years, have changed dramatically, mostly due to the book recommendations and influence of this fabulous book club I am in. Year 2016 and 2017 were some of the best reading years of my life as I managed to read books from a few different genres and finally delved into Asian Lit, which is now my favourite genre. Here are some of my book recommendations from 2016 and 2017. Enjoy!   The Night Circus by Erin Morgenstern This was a debut novel by Erin Morgenstern and strangely, was a book that totally captivated me. It was… View Post

I love being an independent traveler. Spending more than just 3 days in a location, and taking my time going around, exploring the sights and people watch. Spending a longer time at a place allows me to really immerse myself in the local culture and blend in with the locals, thus, learning a side about the city I am visiting that I never knew it had. It also requires a bit more charm for a city to make me want to re-visit, again and again. Amsterdam was such a city for me, and the other being Seoul, South Korea. I’ve been to Seoul a few times, and because of that, I had the local subway system mastered at the tip… View Post

Amsterdam is one of Raj’s and my favourite city in Europe. During our last trip, we took it easy and didn’t sight see too much. Instead, we walked around different neighbourhoods, had lunch with the locals, enjoying watching lovely tulips along the canals and wind down in the evening with an Amstel beer or two in lovely vibrant Jordaan. So if you asked me, what are 7 things that reminded me the most about Amsterdam, it would be these below. Anne Frank House You could possibly say that this was the main reason why I chose to visit Amsterdam. I’ve been a huge fan of The Diary of Anne Frank for years and to be able to see and experienced… View Post

After spending a couple of days in Hanoi, and a day in Halong Bay, we took off on a side trip to Ninh Binh, an often overlooked gem of Vietnam. Ninh Binh is known as the ‘Halong Bay On Land’ and quite honestly, its gorgeous landscape took my breath away and is much more stunning than Halong Bay! The fact that there isn’t much tourists visiting (yet!), allows me to travel at my own pace, enjoying the sights and without the need to rush from a place to another to beat the crowds. While in Ninh Binh, I’ve experienced and was treated to some of the best sights I’ve ever had in my life, and here are just some of… View Post

I love Korean food and my cravings for Korean food was satisfied during my trip to Seoul. I mean, what’s not to love about seoul eats and Korean street food? They are hearty, spicy, and hot – perfect for the cold Korean weather. What to eat in Seoul? I hope this list of Korean food will help you out! Tteokbokki Tteokbokki is a dish easily found everywhere in Seoul, especially from the *pojangmachas. It is made from soft rice cake, fish cake and *gochujang sauce. Tteokbokki has a long history line in Korea. Once a part of the Korean royal court cuisine, it was brown and plain. Only after the introduction of the korean chill paste of gochujang did it… View Post