“Let’s grab some food.” My brother in law, R, said as we walked out of Augustiner Brau tent. After a long day snacking on pretzels, drinking maß (mass) of beer, enjoying the festivity known as Oktoberfest in Munich, I sure am hungry and longing for proper hot food. We walked towards the chiliwurst stand opposite and ordered 3 chiliwurst to go. R paid with a 50 Euro and we stood at the counter patiently awaiting our food. The lady behind the counter was on the phone and told us that the Chef would like to speak to us. Why would the Chef wants to speak to us? I wondered but did not give it much thought and merely attributed it… View Post

If you have been reading tales of my Seoul trip, you may have already guessed that I’m a huge fan of Korean Dramas and have been one since I was probably about 12 years old or so when the good old Autumn In My Heart was playing on national television. So when I visited Macao, there were a few places that looked so familiar to me, not for the many pictures that was on the internet, but for the fact that they were locations where famous Korean dramas that I have watched, were taken at! Here are 5 locations in Macao to relieve the moments from well loved and famous Korean dramas. Senado Square The lively hub of Macao is… View Post

Macao is a place that reminds me a lot of Penang, Malaysia and it’s very much walkable, especially where some of the more popular places to visit in Macao is located. During our 4 days trip to experience Macao, we were able to visit quite a bit of cultural and historical sights within central Macao, and around it’s two islands. If you’re visiting on your own without a tour guide, here’s a very much doable 1 day self guided Macao walking tour to help you enjoy what central Macao has to offer. This walking tour of popular places to visit in Macao took us about 4 hours. Leal Senado From wherever you are, make your way to Leal Senado. Your… View Post

I love literature and theater shows and constantly bugs my husband to take me to any shows that are available in Kuala Lumpur. So when I received the invitation to visit Macao for the annual Macao Arts Festival, I was over the moon! What is Macao Arts Festival This colourful festival is hosted by the Macao Culture Affairs Bureau (ICM) from from 30 April to 29 May and brings together a plethora of talents in theatrical productions, dance and music performances, circus, multimedia and visual arts. The theme for this year is “Time” with “Reshape your Imagination. Experience the Spirit of the Times” as the official slogan. As this year also marks the 400th anniversary of the death of literary giant (and… View Post

After an entire day hiking the Namhansanseong Fortress, our tired body needs some pampering and what better way to do so than a Korean Jimjilbang / jjimjilbang? Jjimjilbang is a gender segregated public Korean bath house, furnished with an array of hot tubs, shower, saunas and massage table. After watching so many scenes involving a jjimjilbang from the many Korean dramas, I had to see and experience for myself. There are plenty of reviews about the famous Dragon Hill Spa but I felt that it may be overrated as it caters mostly for tourists and I am not keen to visit a jimjilbang that is too local either, for fear that we may accidentally walk into a Love Motel, as… View Post