Upon arriving in Kochi, our first destination was to the land of rivers, forests and the amazing Athirapally water falls, in the district of Thrissur. Known as the Niagara Falls of India, the scenic fall is one of the most popular tourist places in Kerala. In order to get to the waterfall, you will be required to drive through dense forest reserve and then hike a short distance via a paved path through bamboo clusters and trees. I really like that a lot of work has been put into maintaining the waterfalls and forests in the area. There are plenty of “No Smoking” and “No Littering” signs being put up everywhere and there are police officers patrolling the area to… View Post

It was about 3pm when the streets of Hanoi slowly lulled into sight as the train chugga-chugged it’s way to Ga Ha Noi. “We’re almost there,” I told Shirley, my cousin. I could see the relief in her eyes. She was looking forward to being back on familiar grounds, after having spent 3 nights in Hanoi prior to our 2 days trip to Ninh Binh. As relief as she was, I knew that at the back of her mind, she was worried on how to get from the train station back to our abode in Aquarius Legend. Whilst I made all the necessary arrangement for a taxi in Hanoi while on our way to Ninh Binh, I did not do… View Post

One of the highlight during our one day wine tasting trip into the countryside of Tuscany was the brief stop at Pontassieve in Firenze and in particular, the village of Santa Brigida. Located around 402 meters above sea level, this little village houses approximately 885 local inhabitants only but don’t be fooled by the little number of population for this village has a very interesting history. Here’s the story of how this village obtains its name from Santa Brigida. History has it that Santa Brigida’s brother had fallen really ill and was staying in this village. He had dreamt of seeing his sister while he was ill and one day his dream came true by virtue of an angel and… View Post

My favourite building, in the entire ancient city of Rome, is by far, the Pantheon. Having been destroyed twice, and rebuilt for the third time by Emperor Hadrian, I find this building the most intriguing one in the whole of Rome. What Is The Pantheon? The literal translation of the greek word of “Pantheon” means “dedicated to all gods” and therefore, it has been assumed by many that this was a temple built to dedicate to all pagan gods, which may most likely be one of the Greek gods like Zeus or Poseidon. In circa 600AD, the Pantheon in Rome was converted into a Catholic Church and today, still serves as one and also houses some of Italy’s most popular… View Post

Maria Worth is a location within the Austrian state of Carinthia and is home to the beautiful Wörthesee Lake and one of the major pilgrimage site of Wallfahrtskirche Maria Woerth Church. Surprisingly, my favourite part of Maria Worth was not the Wörthesee lake, but rather, the Wallfahrtskirche Maria Woerth Church, otherwise known as Church of St. Primus and Felican. Built in 822AD, this has got to be one of the oldest church I’ve visited so far. Due to it’s beautiful setting, and location, being the highest point in the peninsula, it is a popular wedding church today; and quite rightly so! The church is a charming one, through and through, like one straight out of fairy tale. With its tower,… View Post