Maria Worth is a location within the Austrian state of Carinthia and is home to the beautiful Wörthesee Lake and one of the major pilgrimage site of Wallfahrtskirche Maria Woerth Church. Surprisingly, my favourite part of Maria Worth was not the Wörthesee lake, but rather, the Wallfahrtskirche Maria Woerth Church, otherwise known as Church of St. Primus and Felican. Built in 822AD, this has got to be one of the oldest church I’ve visited so far. Due to it’s beautiful setting, and location, being the highest point in the peninsula, it is a popular wedding church today; and quite rightly so! The church is a charming one, through and through, like one straight out of fairy tale. With its tower,… View Post

The second largest city of Carinthia, Villach, is completely surrounded by mountains and breathtaking lakes and because of that, everywhere you turn to or look in Villach, you are treated to spectacular views! As Villach is quite a small town, it is a walker’s paradise. One my favourite memory was a random evening stroll in the countryside. We walked passed lovely gardens, beautiful cottage like houses, rail tracks and was eventually welcomed by the lovely and peaceful Ossiacher see Lake. Everything in Villach was perfectly peaceful – even the people! Everyone have a smile on their faces and cars stop for pedestrians to cross the street without making a fuss! This was exactly what we needed after 3 hectic days… View Post

My Dearest Papa, If I could name one of the most beautiful things in the world that I’ve seen, I’m sure the sunrise view of Himalayas would rank within top 5. I remember waking up at 5am (we almost couldn’t make it due to laziness!) just to catch the sunrise, which was the entire purpose of our trip up to Nagarkot. With our groggy eyes, we put on a few layers of clothing (3 to be exact!) as it was really cold outside our room, being 7,200 feet above sea level, surrounded by snow capped Himalayan mountains. I estimated that it would have been around 2 Degrees Celcius that morning. Everyone who woke up for sunrise in Nagarkot had thick… View Post

Vaan Irai Kal – Stone of the Sky God, is one of the most intriguing ancient monument I have came across. Known today as Krishna Butter Ball, this enigmatic giant stone is one of the most visited sights in the UNESCO site of Mahabalipuram. Krishna Butter Ball is a rock that defies all laws of physics. The giant self-balancing boulder is resting at a perilous 45 degrees angle on a smooth slant and till date, has been virtually impossible to move this boulder nor roll it down the hill. History has it that in the year 1908, fearing that the boulder may be too dangerous, the then Governor of Madras, Arthur Lawley had ordered the rock to be moved. Even… View Post

Halong Bay is one of Vietnam’s and South East Asia’s most popular tourist attraction, for both, locals and foreigners. The bay is lined with thousands of limestone karsts jutting out of emerald waters. It was described by many who travel to Halong Bay, as a vision of breathtaking beauty. BUT… I think it is overrated. Yes – you read that right. I will receive disagreement from many about this article, for Halong Bay seemed like the Holy Grail of many travellers’ trip to Vietnam to an extend that every single tour companies in Vietnam offers Halong Bay tours and even Halong Bay day trips. I was one of them who signed up for the day trip excursion but if you… View Post