Letters To Papa #1 – Sunrise View of Himalayas Was Calling!

Sunrise View of Himalayas

Papa, with the sunrise view of Himalayas

My Dearest Papa,

If I could name one of the most beautiful things in the world that I’ve seen, I’m sure the sunrise view of Himalayas would rank within top 5.

I remember waking up at 5am (we almost couldn’t make it due to laziness!) just to catch the sunrise, which was the entire purpose of our trip up to Nagarkot. With our groggy eyes, we put on a few layers of clothing (3 to be exact!) as it was really cold outside our room, being 7,200 feet above sea level, surrounded by snow capped Himalayan mountains.

I estimated that it would have been around 2 Degrees Celcius that morning. Everyone who woke up for sunrise in Nagarkot had thick coats and windbreakers while I wore 3 layers of sweaters and two layer of socks , one being a knee length socks. Jie Jie and I joked that this was my fishing outfit of the day and all that was missing, was my fishing boots to complete the attire. πŸ˜›

We climbed onto the terrace of Peaceful Cottage Hotel, where we were staying and patiently watched the sky for sunrise in Nagarkot. It was still dark out there but the shadow of the sun is visible. We could see the view of Himalayas clearly despite the darkness.

…and there it was, the orange hues slowly rising and filling the sky. The fiery red sun peeking out of the snow capped Himalayas. So majestic. So glorious. So… hopeful. I can’t help but feel a tinge of sadness for I know how much you love sunrises, Papa.

I recall the many days where you used to send me to school in your car. You had Elvis tapes blasting in the background and you used to marvel at the orange hues of the sunrise – every single day.

It was you, Papa, who taught me how to look at and enjoy the little things and pleasures in life. For that, I am eternally grateful.

So, here, I bring you, the sunrise and view of Himalayas. You were there with me, Papa, and I hope you enjoyed the view as much as I did.

Love always and forever,
Your Daughter.

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  • Ana Jonessy

    This is so beautiful! Much love to you!

  • Thank you Dear! I’ve always wanted to do something to commemorate my late dad and this seemed like the best way πŸ™‚
    Thanks for dropping by!


  • Emila Yusof

    What a sweet dedication, Cindy.

  • Thank you Kak Em. I need to put more focus into this project. Have photos piling up, but it’s getting a tad difficult to write my letters as each letter is so emotional to me. Thanks for dropping by! xx